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Monday, 26 January 2015

Hello there! It's been a very busy but fun few days here. Lots of great company, good food and new places to visit. Here is my roundup of favourite images via my Instagram feed.

^ A new door number that we need to hang. At least that's the plan, I have a feeling it will take a bit of persuasion to convince the husband to get the drill out. He's not a big fan of the old DIY.  I've been searching for a vintage French enamel door number for some time but just could never get lucky with a number five. At car boots and antique fairs I always came across lots of number fours or sevens for some reason. So in the end I bought this one. I think it will look really nice next to the dark grey door colour. (Basket is from Housekeeping Store, painting is vintage and from a carboot, painted vintage plate is from Lloyd Loves - just in case you want to know). I rather like it just propped up against the wall in the porch but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a front door number!

^ A visit to Judy's Vintage Fair in the Leeds Corn Exchange. Lots of lovely sellers although I didn't buy anything this time. Definitely worth a trip to one of the fairs if you have one near you in the next few months. I'm hoping to find a nice vintage dress for my cousin's wedding later in the year.

^  Tulips. I can't get enough of them. Last week it was hot pink, today I've bought some lilac ones. My favourite flowers of all time.

^ A meet up with some of my fellow Yorkshire Bloggers for a fantastic lunch in  Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen.  This is a great venue, totally laid back and family friendly. There were lots of kids in there and all were made completely welcome. Vintage furniture, squishy sofas, enamel lighting - my kind of pub. And what an amazing roof garden! Spectacular views of the city and little sheds with fairy lights to sit in on a chilly day. The pizza was great too.

Hope you have all had a good week too. x

eat // read // found // explore


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Hello! Welcome to my first round-up of eat // read // found // explore. I'm going to try  and make these a regular feature. It's a place to share my favourite new blogs, recipes, places and reads. They are all sites that I find refreshing, interesting and most of all inspiring. Enjoy!

(all pictures taken from my Pinterest boards - from top left to bottom right)

Folklings  - always great for appreciating the simple things. My post on stargazing is up this week.

^ The wonderful Up Knorth blog. A place to gaze upon some Nordic beauty - design, food, diy and    adventures.

^ Simply the best vegetarian blog I have come across recently - Vegetarian Ventures. Beautiful food,    beautiful photographs, all wrapped up in a love of the great outdoors.

^ Another stunning food blog, although not exclusively vegetarian. This is Sini's My Blue and White    Kitchen, a seasonal and Nordic cooking blog. I love how she describes her winter in terms of      flavours.  And so many recipes that I'm looking forward to trying.

^ A book I will definitely be looking to buy come payday. This is Rock The Shack, all about weekend  homes and getaway cabins. A place to relax in nature - totally my dream.

^ Following on from that, this cabin on the loch in Scotland is all kinds of wonderful ..........

^ An Instagram pal Claire has recently started writing a lifestyle blog - everything akin. It's  beautifully photographed and styled and I am enjoying visiting there immensely. She shares some wonderful finds and interviews makers and creatives.

^  Finally Annie's post on her Mum's home. What an amazing collection of vintage treasures! And it  looks like such a welcoming place to live. I have been on the hunt for those  earthenware bottles for ages - I just love them. 

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