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Sunday, 10 May 2015

I have of late become a tad obsessed with finding vintage Ercol chairs. especially the stacking chairs. But do I ever stumble across any in junk shops or flea markets? No, of course I don't. Online they go for hundreds of pounds and that's a bit (actually a lot!) out of my budget.

I've put together a little Pinterest board all about my love of vintage Ercol. You can check it out below, but the pictures above are all my absolute favourites from that board:

1 & 4 // A new Instagram find - Bamvet. I love both of these two images from her Tokyo apartment so much.

2 // Virginia's house from Roddy and Ginger is the home I have always dreamed of.

3 // My friend Modflowers home is stunning and her Ercol chairs are perfectly styled with her handmade vintage fabric cushions. And that fireplace - swoon!

5 // This living room pushes all my buttons. The beautiful grey sofa, floor lamp, eclectic cushions and artwork. But those Ercol pebble tables just bring it all together don't they?

Hopefully I'll stumble on some soon. Unless one of you has a secret stash of them hidden in your attic? x

(All images taken from my Pinterest board)

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