'Showering Perfection' with Mira Showers


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Sadly my bathroom is not a calm, relaxing space. First of all it's tiny, has no window so therefore no natural light. Ventilation is provided by a fan, so it's also noisy. When we bought the house it had a huge vanity unit with a shell shaped sink (nice eh?) and lots of dark wood and huge cream tiles. It was not pretty. We took that all out, replaced it with a simple white bathroom suite, white tiles and white walls and it was a whole lot better. But recently I've wanted to create something more relaxing. The white feels a little stark and now I want to introduce something warmer. So I've painted the wall above the tiles a mushroom-grey shade and I'm looking at our storage requirements. Ideally I'd like a wooden cupboard and hooks for towels, but with no window, it does give us issues with condensation.  So I'm trying to think of ways around that. 

The other thing that needed improving was our shower. I was delighted when Mira Showers got in touch and asked me if I'd like to review one of their 'Showering Perfection' kits. This included the revolutionary 360 showerhead and a selection of Molton Brown goodies. Mira aim to give you an invigorating, refreshing and soothing shower every time you use it. The 360 showerhead rotates to offer you four different experiences - rain, burst, storm and cloud

Harry and I both love the top setting - rain. It's powerful yet gentle and totally drenches your entire body. Our old shower never did this so I'm finding this lovely, especially with the mornings being so much chillier. It completely relaxes you and I'm finding it harder to get out of the shower as it's way too cozy!

The showerhead then rotates to position two - burst. This is super powerful, a directional blast of water, to the point it nearly knocks you off your feet! It's not something I would use regularly, but I can see the benefits for me in the future. It's a sheet of massaging water and I'd like to use it after a hot summer day at the Market Garden. It would be great to come home and take a cooler shower with that setting. But in December it's not quite right for me.

The third setting is storm. This provides you with a saturating downpour and is my husband's favourite. He likes this setting as he finds it invigorating and it allows him to get completely wet and he doesn't have to manoeuvre around under the showerhead,

Finally the showerhead flips to position four - cloud. This setting is gentler than burst, although again it's a directional spray of water. Cloud is softer and soothing and offers a very relaxing shower. Once again, it's a setting that I would prefer on a warmer day as I need to be surrounded by warmth at the moment!

We've really enjoyed testing this showerhead out. It's even managed to persuade a very reluctant pre-teen into the shower a bit more! The Molton Brown goodies were a lovely added bonus. Thank you to Mira for providing us with this kit to review.

All words, photographs and opinions are my own. 

This Week


Sunday, 14 December 2014


This week has been super busy and most of the members of my household have some kind of lurgy. So far I have managed to avoid it and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep it at bay for Christmas. Lots of hot drinks of lemon and honey have been consumed as well as winter warming foods - soups, stews and pies.

I've been busy on my days off work, Christmas shopping, household chores and also doing a little painting in the living room. Our blue wall has gone. Although I loved it, I always felt that it was too much in a such a small space. I needed a colour to make the room feel bigger - to let the light in more (we only get the sun in the morning, so the room gets dark quickly in the afternoon). After trying many, many samples, I finally settled on Farrow and Ball's Strong White. I'd seen it used in pictures from the gorgeous Folklore shop visit on Remodelista and was drawn to it immediately. It's the most beautiful shade of off-white, makes the room feel spacious and also warm. I'd never used the F & B emulsion before, only the interior and exterior eggshell but the emulsion is the best ever - the walls feel velvety smooth. I've only done the one wall at the moment, so I've a long way to go. That's my job over the Christmas holidays! I've also painted a little feather with some of my leftover copper spray paint. Just half a feather as I rather like the contrast with the black.

As part of my 'avoid illness at all costs' plan, I've been making soups to take to the Market Garden. It's been so cold this week and we've had to contend with some horrible wet and windy days. So this Roasted Carrot, Sweet Potato and Fennel Seed Soup has been brilliant at warming me up at lunchtime. I got the recipe from my favourite vegetarian food blogger My Darling Lemon Thyme, although I slightly adapted it as I used red onion rather than garlic (I don't like the stuff!). It's absolutely delicious and definitely one I'll do regularly over the winter months. Lots of people have asked about my jumper in this picture - well, it's from H&M and it is super warm and washes brilliantly well. My absolute best buy for clothing this winter.

An early Christmas present - to myself! We always get some money to spend from my mother in law. I'm determined to buy as many local and made in the UK presents this year and these were top of my wishlist. Pretty enough to be stockings on the fireplace, these are blanket socks. I'm wearing them every night in bed and they are keeping my feet super toasty and pretty. From the beautiful Fforest General Stores, designed and made in Wales. But I'm totally lusting after this - isn't it stunning? I love those Welsh tapestry designs.

Finally, the blue is still in the house as it was originally the colour I painted the wall behind Harry's desk. I've made a few changes to that area recently to try and make it a better place for him to work at. Now that he's in High School, the homework has piled up and he needs a clear and organised space. So I bought him the Ikea Alex unit to be able to tidy some things away and removed one of the vintage Habitat trestle legs. I also swapped the vintage school chair (as it's a bit cold with the metal back and wooden seat) for our replica Eames DAW chair and gave it some warmth from a faux sheepskin. Much cozier and also (hopefully) tidier.

Thanks for reading. Hope you all have a great week and I'll be back soon. x

(All pictures via my Instagram). 

Country Baskets 'Festive Face-Off'


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Hello! Hope you are all well. 

This week I've been trying my hand at wreath making, something I've never attempted before but always wanted to try. I love my dark grey painted front door, but I think it always needs some colour in the winter months and a wreath gives it a nice festive touch. 

I was very kindly asked by Country Baskets to take part in their Festive Face Off competition, the idea being that you create a bespoke Christmas-themed decoration for your home or garden using exclusive products provided by Country Baskets. 

In my craft box I was sent ribbons, a silver bell garland, a frosted berry stem, white wire baubles, heavy duty wire and a pack of glittery flowers. As I'd never made a wreath before I spent a bit of time looking on Pinterest for tutorials and ideas. I wanted something with a rustic feel and also be able to incorporate natural elements from the garden.  

First of all I considered the rustic part. I love how copper is being used in homes, from lighting, mirrors and vases so it seemed like a good idea to bring some of that into my wreath. I bought a small aerosol spray paint and gave the white wire baubles a new look. I did the same to three of the bells from the garland and one of the glittery flowers. With the frosted berry stem I cut four pieces to weave alongside real berries from the garden. I luckily still had some bright orange cotoneaster berries as well as some bright red rosehips to team alongside the white berries. I had plenty of off-cuts from the Christmas tree so with the wire provided in the craft box I secured the fir branches all the way round a rattan wreath I bought. I also purchased some thinner wire to secure the smaller elements at the bottom. The bells were attached together with some cotton and then pinned with some wire at the back and they ring when you open or close the door, offering a little welcome when you come home at the end of the day.

Anyhoo, this is what I came up with! A little bit of rustic with some copper details. Although I think I should have maybe re-done that right hand side - it looks a little bit wild in this picture! But it was a bit windy when I took these pictures.....

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