52 Weeks of Happy (18/52)

Monday, 4 February 2013

Sorry, I'm super late with this.
I've been busy working this past week, so I'm playing catch up with 52 Weeks.

Anyhoo, here are this week's happy things:

▲ Doing some bead crafting with the Boy yesterday - I came up with this speech bubble. It's fun what you can come up with those pesky little beads!

▲ Being looked after by my husband after having a busy working week (he had a few days off), so it was great to come home to baked goods, meals and a warm bath run for me.

▲Getting my hair chopped, I love a good haircut, it always makes you feel like a million dollars. 

▲ Watching DVDs on the sofa with a big old glass of red, we loved Brave, The Bourne Legacy and Two Days in Paris. 

Hope you are all having a happy week! x


  1. Sounds like a good one, my boys always called those beads....funny lego! x

  2. I'm getting a long overdue haircut on Wednesday. It's a new hairdresser so I am a tad bit nervous especially as I have very curly hair. Not the easiest to cut. x

  3. I do love hama beads, my boys and I made some and have them hanging from sone twigs in the window sil. nataliexx

  4. that speech bubble is so fun! we watched The Bourne Legacy last week and loved it, and 2 Days in Paris is one of my favourite films x

    1. Ha! I went to bed last night dreaming of Jeremy Renner! Yummy. x

  5. i was wondering what those bead things were. my stepdaughter gave me a little design she made the other day but I was wondering, what is it?? I saved it in my jewelry box but I now have a whole new appreciation for it.

  6. Bella has been making Hama bead hearts like they're going out of fashion. I love you boy's speech bubble. Wine and DVDs - perfect. I just had to google Jeremy Renner to see what all the fuss was about... ;-)

    Gillian x

  7. I feel a sofa evening coming on, hope red wine and dvd's follow. I'm having my hair chopped on Thursday it must be that time of year x

  8. Lovely photographic skills.....xx

  9. That speech bubble is ace! I would love it if my husband baked, you are very lucky and your DVD watching with a big glass of red sounds divine!

  10. Snap on the haircut ... I got three inches off ... my head feels a whole lot lighter :)... Bee xx

  11. I love those beads! I haven't seen them since I was a little girl and we used them in Sunday school. The speech bubble is a great idea.

  12. I loved doing those beads with my kids when they were little...we had such a great time.
    Great reasons to be grateful this week :)


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