52 Weeks of Happy (19/52)

Saturday, 9 February 2013

How have you all been this week?
Hope it's been a happy one!
We've had a pretty good one, but have one more to go before it's our half term break here.
Many thanks for all your comments this week, I'm so glad to see you've enjoyed my cooking post and the return of My Vintage Life.

So here are this week's happy things:

▲ Waking up to this beautiful sunrise a couple of days ago. The sky was a glorious shade of orange. I just caught it in time with the camera!

▲ And three from my Instagram feed. Firstly, the Boy and I went shopping to the other side of Leeds where we came across an amazing toy shop and this huge Playmobil lady was outside it. Isn't she fantastic? It totally made us smile.

▲ Indulging in some very nice new chocolate egg eating! You have to eat them with a spoon. Ha! They were yummy. 

▲ Visiting the best shop ever and seriously wanting to buy everything in it! But as it's a birthday week in our house, I had to limit myself to birthday present purchases and this banner making kit. If you live in Leeds or are visiting our fair city, do go visit Chirpy. Love it. 

Hope you all have a great weekend. 
Thanks for reading. x


  1. What a pretty pink sky. Have not tried one of those eggs yet but might have to get some, they look a bit good! Hope your having a lovely weekend xx

  2. Beautiful sunset,and that choccy egg looks totally delicious!
    Happy weekend,

  3. What a beautiful sunrise ... I will have to give one of those eggs a try ... ans I love, love, love the colour of the bunting kit ... wishing you a happy weekend ... Bee xx

  4. I love the look of that bunting kit. Will def have a trip to Chirpy next time we are in Leeds. We also had our first chocolate eggs this week - good old Cadbury's Creme from the village shop, scoffed on the walk home.

  5. Hi Jen. Egg scrummy, sky delightful, and I might just have to come to Leeds to visit chirpy, it looks a wonderful shop. Happy weekend x

  6. Really love this series, such a nice reminder of everyday beauty and joy
    That huge playmobile angel lady is fantastic!

  7. That sunrise is lovely. Some mornings I manage just to catch the tail end of the sunrise on the way to the station. It really brightens up the day! x

  8. You made it over to Chirpy! I still haven't been but I must go. Maybe after my birthday when I might have a little spare cash to spend. :-)

    Hope you're enjoying you weekend Jen.

    Gillian x

  9. That sunrise is gorgeous! What a lovely start to the day. Col x

  10. Beautiful happies - that sunrise must have been wonderful to wake up to x

  11. What a nice project! I wish I had that chocolate egg now!


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