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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hello! I'm Francesca from mrs eliot books. I'm so pleased to be over here on Jen's gorgeous blog today. Especially as I get to talk about my love of vintage. Jen asked me to do a little Q&A, so here it is!

Why do you like vintage?
I grew up loving films from the 50s - 60s so I think I probably fell in love with the era from a very young age. From the look of the movie stars like Claudia Cardinale, to the Henry Mancini soundtracks, to the colour palettes and the sets. All those sunken living rooms - I used to sit and draw the apartments for hours!

In 2001 I visited the Robin &
Lucienne Day exhibition at the Barbican and then I start collecting.

My first collection was the Jessie Tait Sienna plates and then the Johnson Bros Old McDonald's Farm plates. We inherited some mid-century furniture - classic Heals units and a sideboard, so then I started to collect with that in mind.


What's your favourite vintage era?
Probably early to mid 60s. Although my tea-cup collection includes Art Deco pieces and some lovely 50s Alfred Meakin. With my tea cups, it really is more about the individual cup than the era.

What's your most treasured vintage piece?
For how long it took me to get it, probably my Kaj Franck enamel hearts bowl. It was one of those pieces I would search for every now and then, give up, then a few months later try again. One time I got lucky. After that I didn't really know what to search for for a while. There was actually a sense of sadness - sometimes it's all in the chase! The same happened with my Stig Lindberg Bersa jug.

What is the most recent item you've bought?
I haven't bought anything for a little while. Probably my dominoes (from either Winter's Moon or Wooden Donkey). I'm very drawn to children's games and puzzles from the 60s - 70s. Obviously a nostalgia thing. Also recently, knowing I had the Checkmate coffee pot and was after a jug, the lovely Rachel from My RainbowVintage Home emailed me to tell me a jug and sugar bowl going on ebay. I snaffled them straight away!

What would you most like to find?
I can't tell you because I've got my eye on something on ebay and it's very hush hush ;-)
But I would love some Poole by Alfred Read, I have a teacup but I'd love a vase. A bit out of my price range though.

Thank you so much Francesca for showing us some of your gorgeous vintage pieces on Little Birdie. I want them all! x


  1. What a lovely thing to collect! I really love the Sienna plates. This is a great series Jen x

  2. Fran! I would happily have all of your treasures. It's probably best I don't come round for a cuppa, as that cup might come home with me. xxx

  3. What a great series! So many lovely things I've not heard of before. Ah the bowl is simply perfect. x

  4. Great many lovely things! xx

  5. So many gorgeous pieces especially the Checkmate range. I'd love to get my hands on one of those :-) x

  6. What beautiful things, I have a love of mid century things, but the husband hates them. What do you do if your partner doesn't like vintage?

  7. What a great series. I, too, love mid-century items but I don't own many myself. I loved seeing your guest's treasures.

  8. Hi Francesca, nice to meet you. What treasures you have here! I love the heart bowl. Really interesting to read about the hunting/chase side of things, I can see how easy it must be to get swept up collecting these gorgeous pieces.

    Gillian x

    1. thank you gillian! yes the chase can be addictive! x

  9. ooh lovely treasures Fran! that Kaj Franck bowl is lovely, it's on my wishlist too x


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