Friday, 1 February 2013

Parhelion, Three Suns Wrap S...

Mittens SALE Bird Mittens in...

Tangram necklace / triangle ...

Le Tote Bag (Large)

paper bag head gocco screen ...

Vintage Stetson Swiss Chalet...

Long Patchwork Linen Shirt D...

Abstract Shapes Mint and Pin...

journal with triangles and f...

Ceramic Coasters Marimekko G...

A-Frame Shelf in Opera Pink,...

The Four Seasons Candle

Mister: an abstract painting...

Blue long necklace Sully

Screen printed handmade sky ...

Desert Collage 8"x10&qu...

Serendipity (noun):  the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

My favourite word.
It rolls beautifully off the tongue.
I stumbled across these lovely items on Etsy by happy accident, so I collected them in a treasury.
They are all  artists/crafters/vintage sellers that are new to me.
I do hope you like them as much as I do.

I also discovered that the very lovely Gillian of Tales of a Happy House blog lives nearby and her kids go to the same school as my son does. 
We must have passed each other many times.
But her yellow satchel made me open my eyes and see what was in front of me. 
It's a wonderful thing.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. x


  1. What a small world, and a lovely surprise! :) x

  2. Love this word and the patchwork tunic. How cool to have discovered a neighbouring blogger - yellow accessories beware xo

  3. Ah, Jen, that's lovely. Hopefully soon we can progress from hurried chats in front of the school gate (with me trying to stop Angus running in front of passing traffic) to an actual coffee! xx

  4. Ah that's lovely - how funny you haven't bumped into each other before. And you're right, serendipity is a marvellous word!

  5. Wow, that's so amazing! I love stories like that :-) x

  6. What a small world, gosh there are just too many lovely blogs out there, looking forward to following Gillan. x

  7. Hello Jen, thanks for including my journal in this great collection! I love serendipity, too!

  8. How funny! It really is a small world. Love the treasury, lots of great finds. xx

  9. How nice to meet like that! hurray for the yellow satchel! Heather x


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